In vitro fertilization treatment is applied to women with clogged both tubes, men with very low sperm count, and couples who cannot achieve pregnancy with ovulation treatments.

What factors does success in IVF treatment depend on?

Age of the expectant mother: The younger the mother-to-be, the higher the chance of getting pregnant in the IVF method and giving birth to a healthy baby using her own eggs.

Embryo status: Not all embryos survive the developmental process. The decrease observed in the early stage in terms of the parameters specified in the embryo quality leads to the cessation of the development in the advanced stage or the poor continuation of the development.

Have not given birth before: Women who have given birth before are more likely to get pregnant using IVF than expectant mothers who have never given birth.

Cause of infertility: Having a normal egg supply increases your chances of getting pregnant using IVF. Women with severe endometriosis are less likely to get pregnant using IVF than women with unexplained infertility

Life style: Expectant mothers who smoke receive fewer eggs during IVF and may miscarry more often. Smoking can reduce a woman's chances of conceiving using IVF by % 50. Obesity can also reduce the chances of getting pregnant and having a baby. In addition to all these, alcohol use, excessive consumption and the use of certain drugs may also have a negative effect on IVF treatment.