Kısırlık (infertilite) tedavisinde öncelikle kısırlığın nedeni hakkında araştırma ve tahliller yapılması gerekir. Çünkü kısırlığın tedavisi nedene göre değişecektir. Kısırlık problemi olan çiftlerin yaklaşık %15’inde kadında ve erkekte hiçbir sebep bulunamaz buna açıklanamayan infertilite denir. Tedavi çiftlerin yaşı, kısırlık süresi (kaç yıldır korunmadıkları), çocuk sayısı, over rezervi gibi kriterlere göre planlanır. Over (yumurtalık) rezervi tedavinin planlanmasını ve çiftin çocuk sahibi olma şansını belirleyen önemli bir konudur.

Ovulation therapy (ovulation induction) – Egg tracking:
It is the treatment method given when no cause of infertility can be found (unexplained infertility) or when ovulation irregularity is detected in the woman. It is the most used method in the treatment of infertility. The purpose of this method is to increase the chance of pregnancy as a result of having intercourse at the specified times by ensuring that the woman ovulates regularly every month. Oral pills (such as clomen tablet, serophene tablet, gonaphone) can be used in the treatment of ovulation or injections made under the skin (popularly called ovulation, egg enlargement needles) are used. Ovulation treatment is usually given for 3 or 6 months, if pregnancy cannot be achieved at the end of this period, different treatments are planned according to the patient's condition. Ovulation treatment can be done together with vaccination (intrauterine insemination, IUI) or it can be done alone. Doing it together with vaccination increases the chances of pregnancy. In order to be able to give ovulation and vaccination treatment, at least one tube of the woman must be open, otherwise pregnancy cannot occur. Ovulation and vaccination treatment cannot be given to patients whose both tubes are closed, IVF is recommended.

How to treat ovulation and vaccination?
Ovulation treatment is briefly as follows: The growth of the egg is provided by oral pill or injection treatments (such as recombinant FSH or HMG) that start on the third day of menstruation (or on days close to it). Oral pills are used for 5 days. Needles are continued until the egg size is approximately 18 mm. In the meantime, the egg size is followed by ultrasound at certain intervals. When the size of the egg is about 18-20 mm in diameter, the needle called HCH (human chorionic gonadotropin) (colloquially cracking needle) can be used to crack the egg. It can also be expected that the egg will crack spontaneously without the cracking needle. In the meantime, if vaccination is to be done, the vaccination is done 36 hours after the cracking needle is given. If the vaccination is not going to be done, the couples are told to have intercourse 1 day after the egg cracking injection. Similarly, in pill treatment, it is recommended for couples to have intercourse every other day for 1 week after the egg is 18-20 mm. It is recommended that the woman lie on her back for 15 minutes after intercourse. You can find detailed information about vaccination by clicking here.

Surgical treatments:
Surgical treatments with laparoscopy or hysteroscopy may sometimes be required as a part of infertility treatment. For example, if there is a chocolate cyst (endometrioma) or if there is a septum (curtain), fibroid, polyp-like pathology in the uterus, laparoscopy or hysteroscopy may be required for their treatment. In addition, you can find detailed information about laparoscopic ovarian drilling treatment, which is rarely used in polycystic ovarian patients, by clicking here.

IVF treatment (IVF, ICSI):
In vitro fertilization treatment is applied to women with clogged both tubes, men with very low sperm count, and couples who cannot achieve pregnancy with ovulation treatments. You can find detailed information about IVF by clicking here.

Herbal treatment for infertility?
The cause of infertility should be evaluated in detail and the treatment should be planned by following close monitoring. In this case, the couples' self-treatment with herbal medicines, foods, beverages, and teas will be useless and cause a waste of time, delaying the treatment to be given by the doctor, and making pregnancy difficult.